Chon Man Dooset Daram

Updated: May 28, 2020

Through phonetic storytelling, I hope to spread the joy of the Farsi language with other first-generation Iranians who were raised outside of Iran. I wrote a kids phonetic Farsi book to help children identify with characters and stories that share traits of their lives, language, family, and culture.

The idea of a phonetic Farsi book was born when I had my first child, Zayn, in 2014. I was born in the States, grew up in Canada and never lived in Iran. Like many other first generation children of immigrants, I didn't have the opportunity to learn to read or write Farsi fluently. Although I spoke to my son in Farsi, when it came to reading stories I was not able to carry the language through. The bedtime routine was Zayn's favorite time of the day, and it was the time when many of the day's lessons and learnings were shared through storytelling. Hence the idea of a phonetic Farsi storybook was born.

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